Sylvan De La Cruz is an indie-pop and jazz singer/songwriter from Los Angeles. He is a self taught musician, with a classic pop style that's influenced by everyone from Brian Wilson, and the Carpenters, to 90s Brit Pop, and other British artists like the Smiths, Florence Welsh and Keane. 
 He writes melodic vocal lines, with catchy, sweeping choruses, with lyrics that express thoughtful and passionate messages of hope, perseverance, and our connection with nature, with occasional romantic musings. 
 Most recently, Sylvan has been singing with Life Choir gospel directed by his music mentor music composer/arranger H. B. Barnum (Aretha FRnaklin, Ray Charles, Capitol Records, Motown Records) with whom he has performed everywhere from the Walt Disney Concert Hall to small churches in South LA. 
 He began writing jazz based show tunes in 2013 for a nightclub show he produced, on a whim, called The Hollywood Cabaret. The classic vintage look was part of that show. When a friend and venue owner asked him to write a cabaret show for his theater in downtown LA, Sylvan agreed and wrote an entire show of jazz based songs. 
 When the show fell through, Sylvan took a handful of those songs & released a solo jazz-pop EP called Hot and Dry in 2018. He then left the look of the show behind and immediately began writing songs that have one foot in classic LA pop sound & the other in indie music. 
 His first indie-pop single Champagne Overflow was released June 1, 2020, a follow up single Rancho Los Feliz released August 28, and a 3rd single Ocean Rise due Nov. 6, 2020.